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@SCU. 65 Kehua N Rd, Arcadia Plaza A2201, Chengdu Sichuan 610022

Welcome to IDs Lab!

IDs Lab (Intelligence and Database System Lab) is from the Department of Computer Science at SCU, led by Prof. Mingjie Tang.

The team at IDs Lab focus on the following research areas:

  • Machine Learning Systems
  • Databases Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Security

We are seeking Ph.D. students who are passionate about the areas above. We are also open to working with Masters and undergraduate students. You are welcome to contact Prof. Tang for details.


Jun 7, 2024 Congrats to Tingfeng, Yinghao, Ziling, and Yiheng on the acceptance of DLRover-RM to VLDB’24!
May 2, 2024 Congrats to Zhiyuan, Zhaoyi, and Tengda on the acceptance of BadPart to ICML’24!
Mar 16, 2024 Congrats to Jiale, Yibo, and Yufei on the acceptance of GPTuner Demo to SIGMOD’24!
Mar 15, 2024 Congrats to Jiale, Yibo, and Yufei on the acceptance of GPTuner to VLDB’24!
Mar 13, 2024 Congrats to Xiaoda, Tengda on the acceptance of Couler to ICDE’24!

latest posts

selected publications


  1. ICML
    BadPart: Unified Black-box Adversarial Patch Attacks against Pixel-wise Regression Tasks
    Zhiyuan Cheng, Zhaoyi Liu, Tengda Guo, and 4 more authors
    In Forty-first International Conference on Machine Learning, 2024
  2. VLDB
    GPTuner: A Manual-Reading Database Tuning System via GPT-Guided Bayesian Optimization
    Jiale Lao, Yibo Wang, Yufei Li, and 6 more authors
    Proc. VLDB Endow., May 2024
  3. VLDB
    DLRover-RM: Resource Optimization for Recommendation Models Training in Cloud
    Qinlong Wang*, Tingfeng Lan*, Yinghao Tang, and 9 more authors
    May 2024
    A Demonstration of GPTuner: A GPT-Based Manual-Reading Database Tuning System
    Jiale Lao, Yibo Wang, Yufei Li, and 7 more authors
    In Companion of the 2024 International Conference on Management of Data, May 2024
  5. ICDE
    Couler: Unified Machine Learning Workflow Optimization in Cloud
    Xiaoda Wang, Yuan Tang, Tengda Guo, and 6 more authors
    May 2024


  1. ICDE
    Cougar: A General Framework for Jobs Optimization In Cloud
    Bo Sang, Shuwei Gu, Xiaojun Zhan, and 8 more authors
    May 2023
  2. preprint
    m-LoRA: Efficient LLM Model Fine-tune and Inference via Multi-Lora Optimization
    Zhengmao Ye*, Dengchun Li*, Jingqi Tian, and 7 more authors
    May 2023